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We would love to hear from you if you work at a nursery, preschool, or first school. We love doing school visits and enjoy sharing the power of yoga. We will provide plenty of wonderful colourful yoga mats and we can all stretch together in the PE hall or classroom. Everyone can join in,

YOGA is for everyone!

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The class begins with the calming sound of the singing bowl.

Next we jump, tap and sing to transition into the magical world of Happy Panda's yoga.

Then we continue with breathing exercises, such as BEE BREATH. What can be more relaxing than buzzing like a little bee, there are many more...

Time to WARM UP with, for example, a RAINBOW STRETCH; its like painting a rainbow over your head! Or we may SALUTE THE SUN!

After that we dive into THE STORY, using yoga poses to make up a story; it could be any theme and even connected to the school curriculum.

Then we hop into the CALM ZONE where we can be a turtle, a fish, a comet, a rocket,...

so many yoga poses to choose from to relax after an exciting venture.

RELAXATION TIME another adventure where we head into the endless world of IMAGINATION!

Swim with whales, fly into space or pretend to grow like a tree, or even have a mud bath like a Hippo! 

Then we do more breathing and finish with a positive affirmation, which we call HAPPY WORDS!

There is even more which can be included in your yoga class with PARTNER POSES, a definite children's favourite.

YOGA GAMES, singing and dancing, CIRCLE TIME, and CRAFT ACTIVITIES too.

Suitable for PE, classroom, afterschool and breakfast clubs, yoga is for everyone...

Even teachers!


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