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Don't Be Grumpy, Monkey!


Monkey is having a bad day. He couldn’t find his teddy, the swings were busy, and now Dog is in his place in yoga class. Monkey does not want to do yoga, and he does not want to work with Dog. Monkey is grumpy! 


But then, something magical happens. Happy Panda suggests a special song, Sa Ta Na Ma. The gentle singing and chanting shifts Monkey’s grumpy mood making him feel calmer and more centred. Yoga is the best but making up with friends is even better!

An entertaining and humorous story about yoga, friendship and mindfulness.   

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Yaks Can Do Yoga!

Yoga makes children happy, healthy and strong! But if you are a clumsy yak, with wobbly hooves, who has never done yoga before, it can be tricky. Join Yak in her first Happy Panda class and see how she discovers the power and playfulness of yoga.

Eight yoga poses and their benefits are clearly explained and illustrated at the back of the book so young children can easily do them at home or in the classroom.

Parents, teachers and educators don’t need to be experienced yogis – they can learn and enjoy yoga alongside young readers, too!

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