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Yoga at Schools

Schools are vital and essential for establishing healthy lifestyles from an early age.

Yoga at schools can have a brilliant and positive impact, helping children feel more calm, focused and creative.

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Anita Baxendele (Year one teacher, Oakfield First School, Windsor) 

What a treat it was to have Snezana from Happy Panda Children’s Yoga in with us for this half term in Oakfield First School.Her always happy, sunny nature combined with her enthusiasm and great knowledge on young children’s mind has made every lesson a success. She has thoroughly engaged my whole year 1 class and kept them focused from the moment they entered into the hall til the end when they handed back their yoga mats which Snezana taught them how to fold! Snezana is a fun, kind and caring teacher who is clearly passionate about her job which makes a positive impact on both young children and adults. We have always left the room feeling energised for the day and with a big smile on our faces! I cannot recommend Snezana highly enough… thank you!

Ranjit Rai (Primary School Teacher, Oakfield First School, Windsor)

Snezana is a wonderful yoga teacher and her enthusiasm is infectious! Watching her successfully engage a whole class of primary school children while teaching breathing and relaxation techniques has been amazing.

Kind, helpful and professional, Snezana has guided classes through a variety of yoga poses while encouraging the children to have fun with their friends. She is also incredibly patient, especially when the class all want to show her what they can do at the same time!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Matt Lewis (Head of PE Dedworth Middle School, Windsor)

Snezana has been teaching in afterschool yoga clubs at Dedworth Middle School with years 5 and 6 for three terms. 

The children love learning yoga poses and breathing exercises. The sessions are lots of fun and they particularly enjoy the 'partner poses' and the 'yoga games'. 

Snezana has built a great relationship with the pupils who have attended which has seen the club go from strength to strength. 

Yoga is beneficial to children, helping them learn how to control their emotions, calm themselves down, and to learn how to have a 'quiet time' and this has benefitted the pupils at our school.  

Jessica Johnson (PE Teacher Trevelyan Middle School, Windsor)

Snezana has been teaching in afterschool yoga clubs at Trevelyan Middle School for years 5-8. Snezana is a very passionate and enthusiastic yoga teacher. The children love going to these yoga and mindfulness sessions, they enjoy learning new yoga poses and spending time with their friends as they learn about relaxation and meditation.

Meetel Prajapati (Fun Fest Holiday Club)

A fantastic kid's yoga session at our holiday club in Eton End. It was fun as well as relaxing and I will definitely have Snezana back again!

Charmaine Wattley (Manager, Arc Preschool, Slough)

Today the children and staff had a relaxing morning with Happy Panda Children's Yoga.

Excellent mindfulness for children…easy story and prompts. Wonderful storyteller, kept the children engaged and they loved the gong at the end. The children also learned about their flexibility too. A new experience for most of them in a long while. Very gentle instructor, Snezana relaxed the children and prepared them well.

Amy Chana Chahal (Principal, Little Footsteps Day Nursery, Acton)

Thank you so much of coming, Happy Panda Children’s Yoga. The children and staff really enjoyed the visit and the ‘Yaks Can Do Yoga!’ story. Amazing!

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