Children's Yoga

Children’s yoga is specially designed for children and is also adapted and refined to suit their different ages, abilities, and levels of energy and pace.


Children’s yoga has many medically proven and powerful benefits -


Develop concentration, bring calm, and build self-esteem.


Build co-ordination and strength.


Calm the nervous system and stimulate the immune system to foster strong  and healthy bodies.


Create a healthy awareness of body and a connection with the natural world.


Yoga enables children to slow down in today's fast world. With the busyness of day-to-day life, it can come as a surprise to children how enjoyable yoga mediation is when ‘everything stops’, enabling children feel calm.

Mindfulness and meditation are accessible and fun!

Creative visualisation exercises tap into young children’s innate imagination, facilitating a deeper understanding of their emotions and developing confidence and resilience.

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                       Yoga at Schools

Schools are vital and essential for establishing healthy lifestyles from an early age. Yoga at schools can have a brilliant and positive impact, helping children feel more calm, focused and creative.

Yoga Mats